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Why Vircatex?



    For Vircatex International Trading S.A.C. it is fundamental to develop its activities being socially responsible in order to contribute to its sustainable growth, therefore, it commits:

    • Comply with applicable legal and other signed requirements regarding social responsibility.
    • Not to employ young people or children, that is to say, persons under the age of 18 for any of their processes.
    • Not taking part in or supporting forced labour by prohibiting the payment of deposits, dues and/or fees for the selection and recruitment process, withholding any part of the salary, services, property or personnel documents in order to force such personnel to continue working for Vircatex International Trading S.A.C.
    • Respecting the right to leave the premises of the workplace after completing the standard working day and to be free to give up employment whenever he notifies Vircatex International Trading S.A.C. in advance with a reasonable time.
    •  Providing a healthy and safe working environment, taking effective measures to prevent potential health and safety incidents and occupational injuries or diseases caused or associated with work.
    • Respecting the right to withdraw from any imminent serious danger during work.
    • Providing free access to: clean toilets, drinking water, dining room and equipment for food storage and consumption.
    • Ensuring that union members are not subject to discrimination, harassment, intimidation or reprisals for being members of the union, representing workers or organizing workers.
    •  Prohibiting discrimination in recruitment, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement on the basis of race, national, territorial or social origin, caste, birth, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, civil status, trade union membership, political opinions, age or any other condition that may give rise to discrimination.
    • Prohibiting behaviors that are threatening, abusive, exploitative, or sexually coercive, including gestures, language, and physical contact.
    • Treating all staff with dignity and respect
    • Respect the right of staff to a decent wage and ensure that wages for a normal working week, excluding overtime, meet the minimum standard by law and are paid as stipulated in their contract.
    • Respecting the working day of the staff and in case of extra time will respect the decision of the staff to enhance extraordinary time, which, if accepted, will be recognized as stipulated by law.
    • Ensure that staff are clearly and regularly detailed in writing about their salaries and the composition of their benefits in each payment period.

    In order to provide a safe working environment to prevent injury to its employees, Vircatex International Trading S.A.C. undertakes to:

    • Comply with applicable legal and other signed requirements; relating to safety and health at work.
    • Continuously improve the Occupational Safety and Health Management System.
    • To ensure the safety and prevention of damage and deterioration of the health of workers, suppliers, visitors and other third parties under the control of Vircatex International Trading S.A.C.
    • Promote worker consultation and participation in all elements of the Integrated Management System. Integrate all Vircatex International Trading S.A.C.’s Management Systems.


    • Protect the environment and prevent contamination of Vircatex International Trading SAC Manage waste responsibly and make staff aware of proper segregation


    • Address concerns and/or irregularities submitted by staff through appropriate channels in a timely manner.
    • Ensure that no staff member shall suffer reprisals, discrimination or disciplinary action on the basis of: reports made in good faith or on the basis of a reasonable belief of violation or suspicion of violation of this policy. refuse to participate in or reject any activity in respect of which they have reasonably considered that there is a tolerable risk of bribery which has not been mitigated.
    • To take disciplinary measures against the personnel involved in Vircatex International Trading SAC which may terminate the existing relations with them due to the irregularity, all this against the legal regulations in force.